smartcube® - Drilling Information System

Scientific as well as commercial drilling projects and core repositories demand for a highly flexible information management solution, adaptable to all requirements and easy to handle.

The smartcube® - Drilling Information System (DIS) is a toolkit to establish On Site Information Systems for drilling projects in an easy and smart way. With DIS generated systems are very flexible and scalable.

The toolkit contains different tools to define, generate and administrate the data structures, the graphical user interface and all other elements of an information system for a drilling project. Furthermore DIS provides tools for data evaluation and smart data navigation. The data captured with DIS builds the base to set up Virtual Core Archives that can be used offline and online.

smartcube uses the DIS to implement and configure customized information systems for drillings, core repositories and other projects.

smartcube® - smartDIS is a pre-configured, standardized infomations system for drilling projects and core repositories based on the data model and workflow mechanism of the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program (ICDP) and the Integrated Ocean Drilling Program (IODP-MSP).


smartcube® - smartDIS contains pre-defined data structures, input-forms, reports and visualization facilities for the impotant data objects of a drilling project or core repository  like  well holes, drill cores, core-sections, core-boxes, cuttings and samples. Input and visualization facilities for the lithological description and a picture archive for the images of cores and cuttings are included too.

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Furthermore smartDIS contains tools to automatically publish all data, data-reports, data-views and input forms to the Internet.

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The smartcube® - smartDIS  Setup-CD is delivered with a pre-configured SQL-Server-database and a Microsoft Access User Interface. If  Microsoft SQL-Server and Microsoft Access are not already in use, we can deliver smartDIS with run-time versions of Microsoft-SQL-Server and -Access.

Changes to the data model, input-forms and reports are available on request.

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smartcube® - Camera Image Scanner

The smartcube® - Camera Image Scanner (smartCIS) is a special device to make scans of slabbed and unrolled cores to archive digital copies of the core surfaces. Furthermore the device can be used to make overview pictures of core boxes, cuttings and thin sections or other surfaces.

In cooperation with smartDIS this device can be used to build up virtual core archives. The included software package smartSCAN contains a special interface to communicate with the smartDIS-database but it is also possible to use the scanner stand-alone.

smartcube ® - Camera Image Scanner (smartCIS)

smartCIS is an easy to mount and to handle scanning device for cores. smartcube uses state of the art technology of digital colour linescan cameras and innovative drives in combination with smart software to assemble the device. Because of this there is no need for special camera and driver interface cards and a normal laptop or PC with one USB-port and one RS232 interface can be used. (or USB-ports if no RS-232 port available)

The smartcube® - smartSCAN software has an easy to use graphical user interface for all operations. The images are stored in JPEG-Format without compression to ensure maximum quality and to save storage size. The industry standarad EXIF 2.0 is used to store meta data about the image and the core like aperture, shutter speed, core number, depth directly within the image. Images can also be saved in .BMP- or .PSD- or .TIF-Format if necessary.

Virtual core archives with smartDIS and smartCIS

Using smartCIS for archiving digital copies of Cores, Cuttings or Thin Sections in combination with smartDIS to archive corresponding data makes it possible to set up virtual core archives. With smartCIS and smartDIS established virtual core archives allow a visual navigation through the data and pictures stored in the information system. It is possible to create interactive lithological and detail profiles with pictures of core boxes and cores automatically and the profiles can be published to the Internet.

Virtual core archive with smartDIS & smartCIS

Starting on the automatically generated lithological profile the visual navigation through the data is done by moving the mouse over items of the profile to display the overview data of the selected unit. A mouse-click on a unit opens the detailed unit profile containing data and pictures of core runs and core pieces. By clicking on a core run the according core box profile is displayed and original pictures of core boxes and annotated boxes are available. It is possible to display the original image of a core piece by clicking on the according thumbnail picture.

This intuitively way of visual navigation through the data hides the details and the structure of the information system from the user. The user does not have to learn how to handle complicated data retrieval functions. Normal data retrieval functions like data reports and data views are supported by smartDIS too.

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