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smartcube® - Drilling Information System (smartDIS)

Technical Overview


smartDIS is based on Microsoft Access because Microsoft Access runs on minimal hardware and has a nice programmable graphical user interface. Thus it is the best selection to use it as front end for data driven applications.

The Microsoft SQL-Server (or MSDE) is used by smartDIS as back end database because it is a reliable, scalable database system and offers a real multi user support. One main advantage of this architecture is the strict separation of code and data.

Furthermore the whole system is very flexible and scalable. smartDIS can be used stand-alone on a single laptop as well as in an intranet environment with multiple client computers. In Addition it is possible to use most system features through the Internet if a web server is available. smartDIS will be delivered with runtime versions of MS Access and SQL-Server (MSDE) if necessary.




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