smartDIS Input-Forms

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The image above shows an example on an input-form for cores and core-sections  (designed for lake- and ocean-drillings). Entries that are marked in red are mandatory and entries marked in blue are calculated or optional. An input-form is normally used for data entries but it can be used for data retrieval too and contains mechanisms for data-filtering and data validation.

The standard data model of smartDIS has the same scheme that is used by the International Continental Scientific Drilling Program and the  Integrated Ocean Drilling Program, e.g.,  data is ordered by expedition, site and hole.  An expedition may have different sites and each site may have different hole.  Cores, cuttings, sample, down hole logs, drilling reports and images always belong to a well hole.

The input form below is an example for the entries of the lithological description of a well hole.

smartDIS is using different Lists/Dictionaries within the input-forms which can be adapted very easy to the requirements of the project..

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